Styling Your Companion: Changing and Styling Hair of Sex Dolls

If you've ever looked at your sex doll and wondered whether you could switch up her look, we have some fantastic news for you - you absolutely can! In this post, we'll explore how you can enhance your sex doll's appearance by changing or styling her hair, bringing you closer to creating your dream companion.

Changeable Wigs for Sex Dolls

One of the easiest ways to give your sex doll a new look is by changing her wig. All our dolls at SexDollPlus come with high-quality wigs that can be effortlessly removed and replaced. This means you can amass a collection of different wigs in various colours, styles, and lengths. From sultry brunette curls to playful blonde pixies, the possibilities are endless!

Styling Your Sex Doll's Hair

If you're not keen on changing wigs, why not try your hand at styling the wig your doll already wears? You can do this just as you would with natural hair. Feel free to use hair products such as hairspray or gel, but avoid any heating tools as they may damage the synthetic fibres of the wig. From cute braids to high ponytails, the world of hair-styling awaits you.

Maintenance and Care for Wigs

Proper maintenance will ensure the wigs last longer and stay looking their best. Always use a soft-bristled brush for detangling and avoid vigorous brushing. For cleaning, use a mild shampoo and let the wig air dry naturally. Keeping wigs on a stand when not in use will help maintain their shape.

Express Yourself with Your Doll

With the ability to change and style your sex doll's hair, you can regularly reinvent her look according to your mood, fantasies, or even the season. Whether you want her to look elegant, rebellious, sophisticated, or cute, the choice is in your hands.

Ready to bring your wildest dreams to life? Browse through our diverse collection of sex dolls and let your creativity take flight. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. At SexDollPlus, we believe in personalizing the experience to match your deepest desires. Your perfect companion is just a click away.

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